Follow our group of 10 FGCU Students and 2 FGCU Professors as we travel to Guyana.

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The Team

A group of Florida Gulf Coast University students from all different majors and disciplines are going to embark on a journey to Guyana.

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The Trip

On March 2, 2013 our group will be traveling to Guyana.

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The Service Projects

Through service projects integrated into the coursework, students will earn FGCU service-learning hours, and will be expected to pursue research and skills development to support effective service contributions to our partners in the Macushi Indian village of Yupukari. Our intended service project is the presentation of a five-session arts camp for village children at the elementary school level, including the development of projects and exercises that can be repeated in future and integrated into the curriculum for the Yupukari Primary School. Students and faculty will experiment with local materials and product design to contribute to existing efforts in craft development, and everyone will collaborate on the Ocarina Project to deliver a completed product to artisans and to the school. Total service-learning hours will be decided on as the result of a collaborative decision-making process.

The Curriculum

This faculty-led study abroad program will provide FGCU students with a fully contextualized, cross-cultural interdisciplinary learning environment focused on traditional Macushi Indian culture and community-based ecotourism in the South American country of Guyana. The Spring 2013 course schedule will include eight weeks of intensive academic study and preparation for the discipline-based service projects followed by the two-week in-country experience. After returning to FGCU the students will develop and present a public event to share their experiences with the Southwest Florida community, and will finish with a student poster presentation for Research Day 2013.